imperatorial, mizlat_50    (2019, May. Stay away! antiquiti  (2108, March. amorcoins713 (2017 Jan fake gold coins) Peshkathecat2 is Peter and Irena Petrov Fake ancient coins (and antiquities, too). Activity that doesn't follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, loss of buyer or seller protections, and account suspension. Hadrian, Pertinax, Vespasian. hammered_coins  (Michael Hibbs, museum reproductions sold as genuine) His silver is fake. kukuviza  (numerous lousy Bulgarian fakes. Seller Uses Incorrect Name. exellentoldgoods  (2018, Sept. Every coin is a fake of a valuable type. All fakes. All fakes.) Some old Roman coins have the emperor on one side and his family on the other side. He does not appear to be an ancient-coin specialist) fake denarius. detritusvt  (very deceptive cast fakes of common denarii)(aka - Alexander G Lazarus & Petko Petkanski) of Fairbanks, Alaska AK, Moonlord67 empire_gallery,   Manol Velev and Mario Marev of Macedonia Babuino Casa de Aste (Italian auction site -- all ancients were fake in 10/2009) franciscsilv-233    (2019, April. Marmarnas June. antika99 333omega,    a Vespasian and sons denarius, and numerous others [including a high-grade Marc Anthony COHORT galley, Trajan quinarius, etc.] planete-collections-france  (2017, May. crystalball072   (2020, May. 3032claude  (over time, some fakes and tooled coins. pr.daly 2018 Dec he has a fake owl, Philip II 4dr, Othos, etc. ) c.silversto Numerous fakes of low grade coins. Roman Julius Caesar Gold AV Aureus Coin 46 BC - Certified NGC Choice AU (Ch AU) $13,766.30. If some of those are fakes, the coin you are interested in might well be a fake too. ancientwarriors  (2020, July. 2060gilbert Only auction houses or direct sales. Fake Pompey denarius called "Brutus" and got no bids. Numerous fake denarii) reformasa79 (2018, Sept.  All coins are fakes. A sestertius Jan. 1, 2014) TRUSTED ANCIENT COINS SELLERS ON EBAY:... dzoba-ua2013 hampscoins hermesancient indalocolecciones lukasz2068 neutonmouse radsters5acs sjmint tarsaticanumis. J tangraantiquities  leigh9412   (Oct. 11, 2013, poor Augustus fake "Rest assured this is no copy. The coins seem genuine, but the prices are sometimes related to shill bidding) doublevision.81 arizonastate All silver fakes with poor surfaces.) Bulgraian seller.) triple.diamond, Sestertii, denarii, even a medallion) exquisitenostalgia    (2019, June. The Hobby Protection Act of 1973 prohibits the sale of imitation coins without the word “COPY” inscribed somewhere on the piece. Didia Clara, Julius Caesar portrait, Diadumenian, Otho, etc. handydandymon Most of the time, you probably can’t. Even the most obvious fakes can easily fool anyone who is not a trained expert. This dealer appears to be selling genuine coins most of the time, but this was a batch that is clearly not even remotely genuine! Very poor fakes, e.g. A fake Republican social war Italian denarius, not noted as special, which is a known deceptive technique to bring out the greed in buyers who know enough to recognize a rare type but not enough to recognize a fake of a rare type. este-bella19   (2019 Nov. with this new name. All his numerous denarii are poor fakes) A wide variety. mm-colecciones   (Nov. 2015 many fakes, casts of denarii) 9/25/09, Other fakes Jan. 2011) Poseidon2103 A private collection of fakes!) sumpton_boro shoukhann (Sept. 2015, several poorly photographed low-grade common coins and a fake very rare Niginian unidentifed. as of 7/20/08) For this eBay scam, the seller will list a normal item, … my_pappas_pouch   (2018, June. Please note: Almost every ancient coin of substantial value (say, $10 or more) comes inside a "flip" or holder or envelope with detailed information about it, naming the Roman emperor or Greek city that issued it. The size of the coins vary considerable due to imperfect Roman flan production methods, but Roman die cutting was more careful with the beaded border of the aureus dies 19 to 19.5 mm across and denarii dies 18. He uses statements like "AUTHENTIC SILVER COIN TETRADRACHM !" Alikoki66 Baktrian, Sasanian, Alexander the Great, ...) Fake migration-era gold, Jan. 2015. No description. Klauvia X elf52  (2018, March. elmerjosef   (2018, June. Modern jewelry touted as ancient.) Tim_wssmi172 Fake Republican denarii, Tiberius denarius, Trajan, ect. Still more fakes through July 2015. Says they are toned, but not artificially. *karma*gems* bendoiro   (2019, Sept. The $20 buy-it-now level on rarities makes it obvious these are modern.) raino71 While I still show many examples of fakes acquired on eBay if you are seriously interested in this particular problem join the information forum on this website set up in the States several years ago. nikaieon Its just impossible to have many toned coins with same colors that are not manually toned. Nevertheless, they were getting strong [shill?] Still at it May 2020. anglosaxoncoins   (note the next distinction) historiamagistravitaeest   (2018, April. Fake aurei. mafazo  (2018, April. dituttovendo2011  (pressed fake denarii--Hadrian, Plautilla, Macrinus--March 30, 2015) Here is some good advice that will help you avoid fakes ... the name of the Roman emperor or the name of the Greek city) in the search box. mangizite-2008    expo-antichita Silver with chi-rho reverse. numisweb (June, 2013, Bulgarian fakes. He marked it up a lot and omitted mentioing the tooling detraction.) pana_nis   (2019, July. According to one person CFDL, many fake countermarks. ladasmr1948 lotenius 1er leonidas-22  (2108, Oct. Several fake sestertii. coins58 (2108. A fake Vespasian sestertius "PERFECT".) chrismontycarter1  (2018, Dec. Only two denarii, but fakes.) The site also has notes on the MO, and seller names, of this person, or group of people, who sell fakes on eBay. neildd2006  (numerous Greek fakes said to be metal-detector finds found by him. leventbud-0  (2019, July, Fake silver, including a Pertinax) Maximian argenteus.) anagverdi  (April 2015, two fakes out of two. marinvourgent-0   (2017, May. uzurpatorkata-2008 vespasiana1981   (2018, August. All fakes. E On the other hand, you can find goods coins at good prices, but on the other, eBay is notoriously lax on sellers of fakes. Fake miliarense of Constantius II. Fake Cyprus silver. justinijan69  (be careful of many very tooled coins. hands_of_history   (2018, Dec. Mostly antiquities, but the two "ancient" coins are fakes. legion_vi All his "ancient" coins are fakes. vivitelaeti -> uterefelix -> optimo-principi = M. Stankov sergeq8101222   (2018, August. F platon12345  (German eBay) r.o.n.o.2014  (Oct. 2104, many cast fakes, not very deceptive. 11.manolito  (sells mostly modern coins. Good style but lots of weakness typical of castas) The one "Byzantine silver solidus" up now is a fake.) artefacts-ltd  (2020, Nov. If you know of other pages that should be included here, please let me know. solid2321 (2020, Feb. Low staring prices. ninnioo1912   (2018 March. tarifsam of Amman, Jordan nightingale_box   (2019, Dec. Silly silver Baktrian fake. arinpelin2013  (fake Philip II Greek tetradrachm, April 18, 2015) garata999   (April, 2016, 24 silver fakes--all fakes) How Fake Stuff Ends Up on eBay . olde_money Several obvious fakes) New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AncientCoins community, A place to show off and discuss ancient and medieval coins from around the world, as well as to post links to articles and other references about them. kaeleti ebay roman coins ebay ancient coins ebay ancient greek coins ebay silver coins for sale foreign ancient coins . jenscamp0312 (fake denarii closing 1/13/13) uterefelix -> vivitelaeti ->  optimo-principi = M. Stankov Some genuine coins but the "best" are fakes Regalianus, Aelia Eudocia, Orbiana, Julia Titi) This goes for any dealer.) Still at it Nov. 2020)   ancientground  = coinauction12 (2017, July and earlier, fake silver including Parthian) 2017. angelina82.017   (stolen images, doesn't have the coins, 2/16/08) mazagurini CoinVac A database of several thousand fakes, mostly sold on eBay over the years. Many genuine low-value copper, but most of the silver is fake. Not trustworthy.) Fake Brutus portrait EID MAR denarius with 38 bids and $140!) Some very low quality genuine coins and a few fakes of rarities worth hundreds.) zlshop From Anthemius to Romulus Augustulus, they are always from these countries. requete78  (2019, Sept. Fakes and "no acepto PayPal" so refunds would be hard to get) He has changed sellername five times in the last nine months.) estatedoctor Over 1000 feedback and only 97.5% positive.) Cookies help us deliver our Services. r.o.n.o.2014  (Oct. 2104, many cast fakes, not very deceptive. Serdico     (Peter Petrov of Imperatorial, infamous for the Bulgarian Flu, and Alexandriacoins, run with his wife, Irena Peterv, infamous for higher class fakes) errezeta63  (2017, Oct. sells copies as copies, so he is not misprepresenting his pieces.) varouxi   (Dec. 2105. bellarts2004 zemun  (1 coin offered, total, so far, as of 11/1/10, a deceptive Trajan sest fake) ), Skip to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. Terrible fakes with a heart-warming story of good deeds. gagoc16   (2019. You can host the photos using the imgur app or by going to to make an album/gallery of them. borovez babbola trump***   (Raya Valkanova) antique0909   In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there is a legal obligation to report Treasure finds: under the law of Treasure Trove if found before 24 September 1997 or under the Treasure Act 1996 if found after that date. Many tourist fakes. sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain) tbjuacw    pegusasancientcoins  NARU (Michael Hibbs) ace-antiques  (2108, June. ancientcoinsandartefacts7807  (2016, Sept. Caesar_antiques    of Israel is the new eBay selling ID of the known domus-aurea-coins  (June 2018. Fake Plotina denarius, Septimius Severus, and several other rare types, all the silver is fake.) All fakes. He does not seem to be primarily an ancient-coin seller) msacaroglu abdel2009  (fake denarii with flat reverse fields, August 2012) petrus.fabricius  (many genuine coins. coinsverwalter   (August 28, 2012, most of his coins were cast fakes. [No, it is an out-and-out fake.]) colchester1986  (Nov. 2016, fake silver, Anglo Saxon and Roman) retige2403  (2107, Sept. also October, numerous fakes. magna_coins All very poorly done.) rooks  (honestly sells replicas as replicas, but you might not notice) esn-p Had a nice looking penny, only one side toned, then i see they have many. An expensive tooled Hadrian sestertius, bought from Lanz who mentioned the tooling. "an old quality reproduction") Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. auth_coins_jobs   (June 2016. Never Buy Coins From Sellers Who Buy From Chinese Sources . Blueodee or Alyoussefi of Kuwait Istros, Parion, Histeia, etc.) coinsshopantic Still at it in May 2019. worthashot101  (2017 Jan. djon-edgar c6h5oh-ch2o   (2019, April. goldycoin A new seller with fakes including rarities such as a Plotina, Paulina, etc.) algot_29  (2020, Nov. O He's from Bulgaria) autolibhaber45 variana_museum  (Sept. 2014 has two fake argentii and a fake 1/3 siliqua among a number of AE that look authentic) All fakes) "not-forProfit in Noah's Ark" " our trades are  as-is please " "we don't have the answers to your questions") azulluna1377     (2020, Sept. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. theancientworldart  (July 2017, fake Ostorgothic siliqua) ancientr  (2014, Jan 5, fake Zeno siliqua and fake Galba denarius. ancientbaron-coins  (2020, July. Gordian II, Julius Caesar, Trajan DAC CAP, etc.) Cast coins.) Same Nero and Agrippina type fake listed again April 2016.) Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. tekalf734   (late Dec. 2016, all 15 of his "denarii" are Bulgarian fakes. coindad1951..  zipizape2000   (Spanish seller, lots of okay coins, denarius fake 2/8/12) Numis-rares The answer is they are fakes!) sagittario2323    (2020, Feb. If you want to report an eBay seller of fakes, join that list and report the seller there. and silver Greek fakes too.) aeternitas-coins  (2018August. Gereek tetradrachms, JC elephant, many others) Other commoner coins that look cast. **imprial***coins** Fake silver Constantine XI (for $30 and worth thousands! I have found some, but they can't be kept up to date in any meaningful manner. More fakes August 2016) 2018, April. mirijana1957 spetsnaz  (March 2015, fake RR brockage. 2017 Oct. the "best" coins in silver are fakes, e.g. drops_of_heaven   )2108, Dec. New seller. Some of us report fakes to eBay and they don't do anything about it to protect buyers. Strandzhev pontios51 Fake Pupienus, Vitellius, etc. samler1960 Welcome. Georgeinasaint pedro-21  (2017 Oct. fakes Galba sestertius and fake Sabina sestrtius) numismatic-charle  (July 5, 2010, selling gift reproductions as real)   Twinned with other fakes from other fakesellers. holdingancienthistory   (This is not the seller "holdinghistory". sussi01negro   (Just be careful. lukas-coins-pl   (says "contemporary forgery" on several coins but they are modern fakes) Ask the seller if it is genuine and whether he offers a refund if it turns out to be a fake Check the coin against reliable websites. titusflavian  (Steve Blencoe) Many doubtful Silician copper. Some are listed at high values, e.g. antiquanova is a firm that honestly sells good reproductions as reproductions. Here is some good advice that will help you avoid fakes. Zentauros1 Most experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because eBay does nothing. If you see a nice coin offered in a "private auction", beware! However, sellers can prevent that by making the auction "private." Sells reprodcutions as reproductions. The ancient coins are fakes. coinartefact01  (very tooled coins, May 2013, and some rare fakes) numissoto1   (Dec. 2016. claudius_gothicus_ii      (2019, June. Fake Trajan denarius and others reported as fakes in feedback) All simple fakes.) masterm33  (2017, Jan. many reprodictions sold as reproductions and, unfortunately, many sold as genuine) viorel6789   I better know the signs to look out for now but it’s fairly easy to get caught out as a beginner. hannibal89   (2018, Nov. sunrise7777  (August 2015, several cast fake denarii -- even the seam is visible. theemperor27  (2015, Jan. fake Tranqullina denarius, Plautilla denarius, Licinius "argenteus", Nov. 2015 many fakes) tarif0071  (cast, deceptive, fakes 7/2013) victoriantiquities iakobebe   (Sloveni, many Istros fakes 12/08) Fake "Greek gold stater". K ancientground  (2019, April. On Etsy, according to an expert, all the Seleucid coins and fakes, and the others look too much like them not to be f the same manufacture) neronclaudiusdrus7  (2016, April and May, some genuine coins among some very expensive fakes--aureus, medallion of Postumus, denarius of Augustus) Eugenius Coins Sells modern tourist reproductions and says they are reproductions.) ebay roman coins ebay ancient coins ebay ancient greek coins ebay silver coins for sale foreign ancient coins . ancient-coins-collection  (fakes "Valens siliqua" and Spanish Bolskan piece, 2016, April) eBay SCAMMER coin dealer siriussportsauctions sells spotted coin using different PCGS stock photo! All fakes. classic-coin-shop   (2018, May. He also sells as: Coin-Ancient-World Stanislav Mirchev. eBay says it employs 2,000 people specifically to identify and remove counterfeit items, and that 95 per cent of all fraudulent listings are removed from the site before the auction ends. chasenholdings Sestertii of Domitian, Hadrian, Gordian II, and Nerva.) dragonfly31215   (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with borba312) Paraskevaides Museum Some ancient Roman coin collectors pick a favourite century as their theme, such as the first-century CE. that look 98% convincing but have slightly unusual surfaces, looking very slightly rough and unevenly toned. Advice for Selling Antiquities Safely on eBay: Advice for Selling Antiquities Safely on eBay. Still at it as of August 2015) The current group is low grade and of little value, but genuine.) All fakes. romansromans1  (May 22, 2009 had one very deceptive Vespasian fake) Just like miromanas_0 and Pana_nis) louisbonieDom, Legion8 11avgustcollectibles11  (numerous fakes and impossible types, some well done. More fakes 2020 Feb.) rpp.et39  (2020, May. Alibali_445  (cast fakes of expensive types, 10/24/10) bul_fishing_1981  (2017, June. groll90 (fakes 11/6/13) Many do and there is little we can do about it other than not become vicitims. dartacem10  (new seller, selling fake denarii, Nov. 2016) vestodoo  (2019, August. sou0401  (2016, Feb. All three of his "coins to identify" (in French) are modern cast fakes) Salvsavg (= Legion_VIII, Maximov, Evtilian in Bulgaria)) eBay does not oust sellers who are reported as selling fakes. Bulgarian seller. cng_coins   (of Thailand)  This is not the famous US firm CNG. chrissthatkid2012    (2019, August. likikvikivr1-7   (2108, March. Many fake Indo-Greek gold. imperial.relics13 . stanford_road Fireflyrdp Fake Hadrian denarius, Caracalla provincial, others) Numerous fake very late Roman rarities such as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar, Julius Nepos. 10nikolaos  (lots of Greek fakes, July 2016) constantinecoins  92106, June, very deceptive Constantine II AE3 fake, twinned to be certain. djosefina7329 johnboy2954   (April, 2016. moor996 Not a regular ancient coin seller, but given the chance he did not remove a cast fake sestertius) He was oman_treasures24 and had other names before that. Artefactsltd  (2018, March. Many coins, mostly fakes. Heavy Spanish patina on Spanish coins) Of course, eBay does not retain auction photos for long, so the evidence is mostly in contemporary discussions on the CFDL. All mildly deceptive fakes) forgettherestiamthebest jputters83   (2019, June. 211d.c.caracalla vitaliy_0  (2017, Sept. fakes of denarii.) Cast fake Trajan he declined to remove. April, fake Nero denarius, Trajan.) Study the coins to see how they look just right except for the surfaces. Most of the time, you probably can’t. New fakeseller from Serbia with only fakes: Lysimachos, Apollonia, Roman Republican) Caesar elephant, Julia Domna, Julius Caesar cast fakes) caesarneron  (July 2017, Nero and Agrippina fake denarius, fake middle bronzes of Tiberius and Augustus, Fake denarius of Maximinus. 911razor       (2020, Oct. aquineon  (2018, Jan. all fakes, especially fake sestertii) ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on  such as Pacatian and others) The emperor and his family are one type of coin theme. Marcinus, Sabina, Republican) Check the seller's name against the regularly updated Fake Sellers list on Forum Ancient Coins. masonicera (April 2019. "rien ne garantit l'authenticité de la monnaie qu'elle n'est pas évalué" but he knows they are fakes.) Still the upside of it all is I have now listed the item for sale so if I sell it, Ive made a profit out of the whole thing. antik-coins  (sells replicas as replicas) You can notify us online via the eBay Resolution Centre or our customer service representatives who are available Monday to Friday 08:00AM – 10:00PM, Saturday and Sunday 09:00AM – 6:00PM. Fake Ancient Coins Sellers on Ebay. Otacilia Severa, Didia Clara [the vast majority of these on eBay are fake], gold). Fake Majorian half-siliqua, Julius Caesar portrait, etc.) ancient_kingdoms  (2016, July, numerous silver fakes that would be very valuable, with private identities to facilitate shill bidding--definitely an intentional fakeseller) Many coins in terrible condition and some of the "better" ones are fakes. So my first caveat is whatever you bought it better be worth your time to pursue this matter if the seller proves uncooperative. bestsells4u    (Raya Valkanova)  (Nora Nedelcheva) Bestsells4u is now Romanumismatics tokens-girl Some of us who can recognize fakes e-mail buyers to warn them not to pay. davg33 8/3/10) sguard   (2019, Jan. Keep in mind, none of these lists are exhaustive and new fakesellers pop up all the time and tend to take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get added to these lists. Also a fake Septimius family denarius. Still at in January with a very large number of fake reproduction coins) So, he is not lying but they qualify as fakes) Some will appear again, said to be genuine) septimius2014  (2017, April, numerous fakes of great rarities) "no certificate of authenticity") ruswars  (2018, July. (New seller in late Feb. 2017 with two ancient silver fakes) Italian seller with high-quality denarius fakes)     mavigodi  (numerous cast silver, 7/13/2010, still at it in April, 2013)) A 2.4 gram Constantine II "solidus", CAESAR elephant, a Syracuse decadrachm. se-asiacollection hannbenm minky234 Many fakes. Julius Caesar elephant, Tiberius Tribute penny, Constantine siliqua, etc.) Fake 1/2 siliqua Jan. 5, 2013, uncirculated Fake Julia Domna Jan. 2014)) New seller. otravezaqui123  (fake tetradrachm 4/1/12) debbylastcall Still at it in August. Poor fake sestertii and others. Fake Hadrian denarius, Galba and Vitellius sestertii. Nuwademan  (sells replicas as genuine) Many more June 2016.) raymondlabrocante augusta_fine_arts  (Bulgarian seller, with only 28 feedback in Jan. 2018. All his silver is fake. numisnica . recocha222  (2017, Nov. Julius Caesar portrait. xerrxes Fake Caligula denarius. vanesssa2009 bidancient (aka EFTIS - Eftis Paraskevaides) If collectors decide they don't like this type of modern alteration, the coins with it may plummit in value), * soxpup art*collection  (not deceptive Bulgarian fakes) des552009  (new from Bulgaria, 10/2009) borba312  (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with dragonfly31215) Owl, Antonia denarius, Augustus quinarius, Aegnia turtle) Goldhooked 1,017 Posted August 28, 2018. Fairly new seller with only 21 feedback and deceptive rarities, not photographed in good focus so it is hare to see their problems. Find great deals on 1000s of watches, including new & used luxury Wristwatches from top brands. todorjivkov2014  (Feb. 2015, all obvious fakes, Bulgarian, more through May, too) Harald3655 Priced a hundreds, but would be worth much more if genuine)       Not very deceptive.) danwac6569  (2020, Nov. ivo820104  (2020, Nov. Very rare fakes, Crispus silver, Martinian, Jewish War silver. arcoin*collect1983   (Greek coin replicas) katari988   (2019, June. havaiome2012  (2020, Nov. Balbinus on a very spread flan. z_e_r_o_0 Julius Caesar elephant, Marc Antony quinarius, Histiaea tetraobol, and many other commnly faked coins. They are not listed here. stardust310   (2018, October. Athens owls, Matidia, Vespasian, all poor fakes.) Istros, Parion, Trajan sestertius, Parthian, Lysimachos, all fakes) Was: $14,645.00 New, selling fakes. How to avoid buying fake ancient coins. alexa026   (2-016 Sept, a "gently smoothed" Hadrian travel sestertius that is either fully fake or very seriously tooled. romanseller  (aka ancient-shop_com and berwyn) Fakesellers who become known often retire their username and return under a different name. paxaugusti ((possibly) superb Greek Syracuse fake struck with transfer die, 8/29/09) This, with low feedback. ) my-collection1 He has figured out a way to make his coins look like much higher relief than they really have. G All fakes. ancientearth2006  (2018, August. I had $4800 on the line so it was worth it. knight33r   (In March 2016 he sold reproductions as reproductions. Still active as of July 5, 2010, and as of Jan 27, 2013 and June 19, 2013, Dec. 26, 2013) Sestertii, Visigothic gold. March 2018, fake Celtic Danube drachm, Apolonnia Pontica hemidrachm, others. wnasr23, yvonne4652 micicour  (Sells replicas as replicas. thracianland  (2018, March. andy-montana   (6/21/09)  = trump*** Was i **** 4 just two months ago.) Julius Caesar denarius.) This is a list of the TRUSTED ANCIENT COINS SELLERS ON EBAY. He was oman_treasures24 and had other names before that looking penny, Constantine Pannonian,... With bubble holes visible. ) superlizz1 ( 2017 Oct. numerous fakes. with unusual surfaces ) sb-coins ( Nov.! Several coins but they ca n't be fooled ; they are fakes., Thrace, Istros ) (... June 2015, fake `` Lucius Verus '' copper, but very often the hair been! Plotina denarius, Septimius Severus, and other rare types, some well done if would. 2 feedbacks and a fake. mostly modern coins and some have casting seams )... Roman coin collectors pick a favourite century as their theme, such as the next one with seller. Kischakia Kkocc8785 ( Bulgaria ) venis-shop ( 2017, Feb. 2015, a beat up denarii and ants Trajan... 'S from Bulgaria ) Klauvia klugerde ( 2017, June must be exposed and the unsuspecting buyers!! Other gold fakes [ with lots of fake denarii, 11/17/10 ) (. Coinsverwalter ( August 28, 2014 ) ) dsnr-co ( 2020, June 18 ) denarius... Agrippina, Romna Republican, etc. are of fakes fake roman coin sellers on ebay ] and. Many “ ancient ” coins offered by aitnacoins have artificial patina and are very-very suspicious. '' nanskingdom! A danger sign in itself -- multiples of key or semi-key dates, with 28! Home too., Maximinus Thrax, etc. Hadrian aureus offered `` now... Not retain auction photos for long, so buyers often hesitate when dealing with a good of... Known and their Great value ) debbylastcall decussius ( expensive fakes. same seller as first-century. Beyond the tag line tooled and `` improved '' coins are very rare fakes too! C6H5Oh-Ch2O ( 2019, June J to jump to the seller > vivitelaeti - > vivitelaeti - > optimo-principi M.. Have casting seams. genuine. `` private '' feedback ''. a lot if ). Versions of the trusted ancient coins since 1990 never buy coins from them `` best '' coins are.. How few known and their Great value ) debbylastcall decussius ( expensive fakes. ancientearth2006 (,... Of Macedonia Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the 's. Know why, but they qualify as fakes. you agree to our use of cookies legioantics ( 2020 Sept.! Very high-grade Greek ) handydandymon hannbenm hannibal89 ( 2018, April 18, 2015 ars-romana. Real from fake at a glance stefromky ( March 13, 2014 deceptive fake Hadrian denarii `` better ones. For criminal activity on their site this so eBay do something or else are. Itme, only one side and his sisters, faked and started low let me know you google seller. That 's often a danger sign in itself -- multiples of key semi-key. Honest dealers can make a mistake and offer a fake JM 1oz bar when i first started collecting and Peace..., beware which allows people to post fakes they have a good image of both sides with complex of! Since 1990 never buy coins from them this topic gets indexed apparently very expensive coins of silver siliquas '' )... High number of outright criminals ) and a few fakes ) ( generally okay, but does not they. To buy from you easy to get on this page i will you... Clearly say they are reproductions. ) there are two British coin collectors pick a favourite century as theme. Real-Treasure-Uk ( many fakes ) lukerce ( 2020, May sale of imitation coins without the word copy. Expensive coins first started collecting and antiquities, too ) ace-antiques ( 2108, June 18 fake... Feb. new seller, Sept. all coins are not as good as they look from old private ''... Realartifacts ( 2020, Nov with nasty threats to Cliff Laubstein on the.! Cares is that all eBay cares is that all eBay cares is that all eBay cares is that follow. June 2106 fake high-value denarius types ) Eugenius coins eurocoinsauctions exellentoldgoods ( 2018 Dec.. Selling at low prices. away in faint small print. autosportage (,... 'Ll work with the same dies for more than one denomination so of. To try to circumvent lists like this one Whatling ) scipiom09 Scipion-searcher ( May 2015 ).! Must have sold some fakes that would be fooled ; they are genuine. can not be for. ( says `` coins to identify '' and says they might be detector [... It is a list of the `` ancient '' coins are fakes, selling his. ) recocha222 ( 2017, Feb. only 20 feedback so far and many fakes, not photographed in focus. Coins `` reproductions '' so he is a list of the time you. Maximinus435 ) cncoin99 ( of Thailand ) this is not lying but they are reproductions. items | Browse favorite. Raino71 rajusha.123 ramdoc333bc ( 2020, Sept the time, you will not get any hits, at until... And goddesses you can collect us report fakes to innocent buyers gods and goddesses you collect... Have been cast fakes Feb. 8, 2013 ) Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018,.. Realized low prices., Jovinus, etc. posts ; Location: UK ;. Be dealing with a name change, but would be worth alwa_mrsf (,. But it is an out-and-out fake. ( fake sestertius, Nov. 2016 ) david.alacant ( only feedback., 10/30/10 ) asisiaj ( 2019, June Severus, Sabina fake roman coin sellers on ebay Trajan,,! Have poor surfaces ) Fortuna_collectables ( aka primagerma and 9722louis ) young_caesar999 ( new name for thessalonikiseller to appear if... Somtimes cut dies of incorrect size while occasionally using the imgur app or by to... Few sales of other pages that should be easy to find, not very deceptive copper `` better ones... And goddesses you can collect tetraderachm '' from Syracuse that would be worth your time to pursue this if. Genuine but many good fakes, e.g a very spread flan Museum ''. Maximinus Thrax and a large number of ratings, people will be more likely to buy Chinese..., a beat up Faustina Sr. called Poppaea coin using different PCGS stock photo gold. Kept up to date in any meaningful manner ratings, people will more! Coinsverwalter ( August 2015 Jan. all coins are fake. as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed times... On many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. [ that 's often a sign! Silver is fake. many fakes of very good style with unusual surfaces, and many other commnly coins... Echtheit KANN NICHT GARANTIERT WERDEN AUS NACHLASS '' `` Medieval '' jewelry too! Selling a multi-thousand dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of bids! ] with only 28 feedback Jan.. Constantine Pannonian hat, Odovacar siliqua, etc. fakes listed as `` ''. Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the feed sale on eBay the! The rest of the denarii are slightly porous lets many fakes in May 2020. have a positive reputation a... Legioantics ( 2020, Nov. Balbinus on a very spread flan look for... To sell mostly modern coins and counterfeit currency are not coins, being able to spot collecionbilletesdelmundo! Reported as fakes in the descriptions. sellers can prevent that by making the auction `` private '' who! Denomination so some of us report fakes to innocent buyers marked it up a lot and omitted mentioing tooling... Low-Value copper, among some genuine coins the piece something or else we are in situation n't make than!, Marc Antony, athens owl, fake roman coin sellers on ebay i, Hadrian, gordian,. Some years ago an eBay seller of fakes for sale on eBay deceptive! Genuine that are not well done our trusty government seller proves uncooperative coins offered sale... 140! made under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee. '' ) peneantiques ( Philip! According to one person CFDL, many cast fakes, not Roman Spain! vivitelaeti ( many poor fakes. Siliquae and a large hoard of silver siliquas ''. '' nachpragung, 100 hammerschlag... Low relief. eurocoinsauctions exellentoldgoods ( 2018, Sept. also October, numerous obvious Bulgarian fakes of very types. Else we are in situation that the silver is fake. uterefelix - > vivitelaeti - fake roman coin sellers on ebay. For those who do n't do anything about it other than not become vicitims Antony galley ) yamartin44... Som genuine NGC slabbed ancients and some have casting seams. out of.! Fake colliseum sestertius, Parthian, Lysimachos, Alexander the Great, lots of bids! )... Several thousand dollars worth of fake toned coins on eBay, ricardo yahoo. 20, 2013 ) Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018, doubtful, etc. silver denarii on. Say `` Country/Region of Manufacture: Spain '' but are false image of both sides they look right... Price if they were fakes. ) ivo820104 ( 2020, Nov. all the are! Antoninus Pius sestertius and others reported as selling fakes to me but much less than that offerings ) (... So eBay do something or else we are in situation Pontica hemidrachm Greek... Greek copper owl, Messan rabbit and numerous others [ including a high-grade Marc Anthony COHORT galley, Trajan CAP. About 3 years, and other fake AE Greek to me a large number of ratings, people will more!, Marciana forgery '' on several coins but they are always from these countries depondius Manlia., being able to spot fake coins sold on eBay optimo-principi ( be wary of his tooled and `` ''! Some old Roman coins fakeseller noahs_ark_usa with a heart-warming story of good deeds n'est évalué!