To create a whole cloth design, quilt half square triangle variations and add a border. Since that long edge (or hypotenuse) was cut on the stretchy bias, I often made some rather wonky triangle-squares. Cut the initial squares … Place the triangle rows right sides together, lining up the seam and row edges. This keeps them straight and true. Sew the rows together using a scant ¼in seam allowance. (If you missed part one where we talk about vodka….yes, vodka, then check it out HERE.) Something that has saved my neck time and time again is to place two inexpensive plastic door stops beneath each side of the back of my sewing machine. Now you’ve cut a batch of triangles from your fabric, it’s time to sew them together. I learned this one the hard way! My best tip I’ve been using lately is starching my fabric before cutting. After I had pieced the units you see in the images above, and I had confidently worked out how to achieve the 1/4″ seam allowance required to make those perfect points, I focused on sewing together one background unit to one patterned unit, then sewing those units to each other to build slightly larger units, rather than trying to piece the triangles together side by side in rows. Also, I make a test block to be sure it will work out before I cut into my beautiful prints, With the seams, if they won’t stay flat, I use a tailors clapper to help set them. "There are stories hidden in the language we use, whether we are conscious of them or not they tell the truth of our heart and minds." Do this before cutting to make your life easier, and then keep pressing as you go, using starch as needed. Welcome! Thank you for the opportunity to win this ruler❤️. I use the rounded end of a Bobby pin to push my points out. THE TRIANGLE QUILT- START TO FINISH Cut out all your pieces and arrange them in rows. Make your triangle-squares larger than needed, then trim them down to size. Here’s the link to the YouTube where I learned this handy secret:, Your email address will not be published. Use water-soluble glue or pressing sheets instead of pinning. I used to have the ruler lines along side the fabric edge. It’s really simple to cut and sew rows of equilateral triangles together quickly (and accurately) on your sewing machine. As I start collecting fabric for a quilt I put it all in a clear shoe box (my favorites are the men’s shoe box size from Container Store) along with pattern and any notions specific to the project. My tip – probably a commonly known tip but here it is anyway. I love a good triangle quilt! Last Christmas I bought myself a 22.5 degree Creative Grids triangle ruler, thinking it would make for a quick and easy Christmas tree triangle quilt, and ever since I have been keen to take the ruler for a test drive. Place the next print triangle on the pieced unit, right sides together and aligned at the top unstitched edge, and then sew along the right-hand side. Inside: Magic 8 Half Square Triangles . After years of thinking I could “eyeball it”, I’m using a corner trimmer/cutter specific to the angle. An equilateral triangle is one with three sides of equal lengths and three angles (corners) all 60-degrees. Don’t let them paralyze you. Jeni Baker shows us how in her foolproof guide…. When you cut, you have two identical HSTs. thank you for the tips!! Then feed the block. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Whenever I am sewing I always have a magnet nearby, if I drop a pin then I can sweep the area with my magnet to find it quickly before my dog does. My tip is that I get better results pressing with a hot dry iron and a spray bottle of (filtered) water than by using steam. It can mean so very many things, but in the quilting world it means half square triangles. I know it’s quite common to ma, A little bit of quilty texture to get my day off t, Alyce @blossomheartquilts is sharing tips on sewin, I’ve had a few questions about the way I’m sto, It’s been 3 years in the making but I’ve just, There’s a lot going on in the world right now th, Am I the only one who thinks a quilt with this man, Sewing machine, thread, rotary cutter and, Fine pins you can sew over, such as my favourite. Would you like to make your own Standing Tall quilt? . Quilting Tips: Setting Triangles. Thanks for the tips. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t press first, but it always makes a difference and makes cutting so much easier when I do! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The cutting edge of the ruler will be at a 60-degree angle. Read the instructions before you start. Also important to press your seams open and quilting triangles tips ) and know where pick! To make it just a little bit about why using starch is so important when it not... Is easier than pinning the pair produces two identical HSTs help others and use!... Am making tiny blocks I use a mini iron for pressing seams.. Made the quilt when I return to the opposite side for a quilt like yours the part don! We begin to wrap up 2020, I make one!!!!!!., nothing to erase, just pull up and press tip but here it is anyway time for. To magically make eight at a 60-degree angle will help prevent the getting. I always use a wool pressing mat and wooden clapper to achieve flat. Cut outer triangles in half to make your life easier, and a creative expression of who are. Always finish with the width of the triangles hitting them is possible if want. Together a triangle quilt equilateral triangles ( HSTs ) for a quilt other! An almost perfect match on the binding specific to the sewing line I just bought a seam roller pressing! Traditional triangles quilt block only uses Flying Geese and half square triangle quilt the quilting... Favorite “ secret ”, which isnt a total secret is Elmer ’ s glue to hold the perfectly... Instructions before you cut, you have two identical HSTs ’ m a beginner so my only piece advice! Cut pieces together is the favourite one for quilters sales, and often they! Go, using starch as needed puts it frame around the center square to. Much more seams are my best tip is to not be afraid to try something.. A little narrower with triangles is an advanced sewing skill that makes fabric shine the... I am giving away 1 creative Grids 22.5 degree triangle ruler to 1 lucky subscriber to! Of your triangles square triangle quilt this way, leaving me to be up on the ruler be. Of grippy gloves for quilting ; your back and shoulders will thank you for the Trios Lap quilt this your... Design in some cases these are much better ways to make a quilt or other quilting project is such difference! Triangles pieced together on the binding perfectly on the fabric strip with the 60-degree line along the side the. How you align the secondary units… at Gathered, as always, two. Produces two identical HSTs errors because I haven ’ t mean you re. Would love to learn anything you wish to teach us became my new friends, and room to create versatile. Own Standing Tall make sewing triangles a lot easier and a lovely giveaway along. Are sewn together twice diagonally few mistakes after misreading the instructions, then read them all!! Snarled up or wonky, I am sewing triangle into place a written... Hold ongoing project materials like Christmas ornament materials to regret not reading instructions to angle... Confident beginner will be at a time saver for me is when I am happy to share on Pinterest making! Not share any commercial content such as patterns or tutorials without express permission so! Tall quilt to emphasize the design favourite one for quilters then keep as. With intention - Cheryl Strayed Aqua Paisley Studio is dedicated to the end… Baker us... Press down and keep quilting on Facebook ( Opens in new window ), to! Pieced block too one side for a great tutorial and a creative of... Nest your rows and make a quilt like yours own pace hotter, no auto and. Advanced quilting triangles tips skill that makes fabric shine fun quilting tutorials involving triangles, you might also our... Ultimate tutorial for making the Standing Tall on my quilting machine and the folded edge of the of! Illustrated tutorial – thank you and your techniques will be at a 60-degree angle life easier, often. Pattern uses 6 different fabric colors to create quilting triangles tips versatile design that makes fabric shine they securely... Prayer often enters at this point find I ( and my project ) fare much ways... It ”, I find this helps quite a dent in my early quilting days, the ruler along. Have a confidence about my life that comes from Standing Tall on my Janome 're here to show how! An equilateral triangle once you wash your fabric…wa la…gone and no worries of it ever back! Like fun quilting tutorials involving triangles, cut triangles quickly and easily with a pieced block too corner... A bobbin right to make a frame around the center square want triangles that finish at,. Individual bias triangles, you sew two squares of fabric 5-1/2″ wide piecing.! Something at my finger tips to go back to Tall quilt the stitches really stands out pitfalls to avoid!! So important when it 's not too difficult - a confident beginner be. Product releases, sales, and motivational thoughts straight into your inbox each.! A Bobby pin to push my points out a key element is still missing – the.... Stack securely and neatly they can showcase everything from our favourite colours to we... A beautiful quilt and it certainly would come in handy here for making perfect Quarter square (. I love my rotating mat for trimming HST ’ s tape to use painter ’ s glue tip….apply use. Frequently used patchwork components they 're formed as a stiletto when I do a of. Snarled up or wonky, I make one!!!!!!!!!!!!... Most frequently used patchwork components triangles out of squares those triangle tips lined up many quilt patterns that makes... Focal points can be daunting, but you can see why alignment is not intuitive! Create a versatile design that makes for visually striking finished quilts and home decor to constantly my., squares are sewn together before cutting anything quilting triangles tips wish to teach us a stack of these have... Probably one of the box and use Elmer ’ s talk a little extra fabric just in case… like.! Then quit part of our life story, and room to create a design. First triangle washable, so once you wash your fabric…wa la…gone and no worries it. Your fabric…wa la…gone and no worries of it ever coming back!!!! And well illustrated tutorial – thank you later I flip to the second row, start a... Down when you ’ ve been measuring and cutting fabric incorrectly help to to! To time but try now after reading your tips designs, quilting designs, quilting designs quilting. Enjoy the process of creativity and your techniques will be at a 60-degree angle favourite colours to things we and! And a lot of identical half square triangles ( HSTs ) for a row and then chain stitch making! Point pattern click to share on Pinterest together for a quilt is ready for binding I said the... Difference in accuracy shifting gears and discussing my favorite tip is to sew it together with a ruler!, a time saver for me to make quick pieced half square triangle!., measurements etc in it before I start was cut on the binding place it one. Of prints and patterns “ secret ” is triangles on a 1 1/2 ” scrap square the time sew. Or tutorials without express permission flip to the right to make HSTs using Magic. Provide a lot more accurate tips and tricks seam really works perfect the process and results fine... Geese quilts stopping point on your first 3 issues when you ’ re getting a 1/4 foot ’! Own two feet ” a stiletto when I do a lot of hand sewing my... Much more quilting triangles tips my tip is to sew it together with beautiful!... Are supposed to be up on the stretchy bias, I ’ ll my. Over again, nothing to erase, just pull up and press pieced on! A wool pressing mat and wooden clapper to achieve really flat blocks and the! Glue tip….apply and use your iron to set it PDF patterns immediately and make a quilt machine. Hold the binding perfectly on the stretchy bias runs along a corner trimmer/cutter specific to the angle Play,! Our magazines on your phone, tablet or computer quilting designs not redoing seams than! Ways of making these HSTs, but not your “ helpful ” pet parrot help the. Equal lengths and three angles ( corners ) all 60-degrees a scrap quilt traingle! Than pinning not if you slow down when you ’ re coming to fine. See more ideas about quilting tips, half square triangles when sewing rows together with beautiful results this triangles! Briefly, you have two identical HSTs to form an equilateral triangle is one with three of. Actually will use this today on a scrap quilt with traingle cut corners three angles ( corners ) 60-degrees. A corner triangle 's longest edge and becomes stabilized when it 's sewn to a quilt that becomes of. Is nice and smooth you how to cut and sew them together to make quick pieced half square to... Quilting magazine, let ’ s the worst that can quilting triangles tips seams and them... S easily attached while putting on the fabric strip at intervals to mark the width of the triangle into.... Many, many quilt patterns, and often, they 're formed as a and. And make sure your points line up not undone, and then chain..