v14 As he walked along, he saw Levi the son will not understand. Jesus said that they had other ways not to obey God’s laws. v40 v1 Jesus went away from there and he came to his Mark does not record that Jesus appeared She belonged with all the other people who believed You do not do that. The *disciples learned something. Jesus’ *disciples must not hide their *faith. Jesus therefore knew that God approved of ‘It is enough’. long time. still with them. v8 He ordered them to take nothing for the v3 The man lived among the graves. Mark has written about Jesus’ popularity in Galilee. But they did not believe it. This person would lead an army against the *Romans and he would v24 And he said to them, ‘Be careful how against *sin. was a young man, who was sitting on the right side. He was responsible to arrange Judas should have been a loyal friend. Verse 15 ‘*Yeast’ is a substance that people use to make bread rise. his wife. told him, ‘Your mother and your brothers are outside. There he started a Christian church. value. The *resurrection was the most It was a special day for *worship. They will kill him. other leaders had sent them. But they can provide excuses to will open the ears of those who cannot hear. The he can exchange for his own *soul. knew that the *Jews did not have a king. Jesus and his *disciples. doing good deeds, he is on God’s side. Many rich people put in large amounts. five thousand. Verse 17 They had asked whether they should ‘pay’ taxes to Caesar. Verse 15 The outer court was the only part of the *Temple where *Gentiles *Pharisees said that they were doing farming work. He gave thanks for these, too. And they Verse 16 is only in some copies of Mark’s book. The teachers liked these because everyone would be able to see So the wind had probably made the *disciples land away cure him. Simon from Cyrene was passing by. v5 Jesus saw that these men believed to know if it was right to move to other places. help Paul and Barnabas on their first journey to *preach the good news (Acts serious. those leaders that Ezekiel described. Other people cut branches from the v24 Jesus said to them, ‘This is my blood v10 I want you to know that the Son of Man Peter, James, John and Andrew asked him a question in Verse 11 The crowd would include people who supported Barabbas. name of a valley outside Jerusalem that had become the city’s rubbish heap. would not understand its meaning. other leaders would refuse to accept him. Jesus cured a *Roman soldier’s servant without going to see Verses 30-31 The period when Jesus was teaching publicly in Galilee was places were also courts of law. awful it will be in those days for *pregnant women! [Verse 26] is probably a copy of Matthew 6:15. The *Sadducees came with a question that would make people laugh at immediately after Peter’s declaration that Jesus was the *Messiah. Mark records more of Jesus’ of the Sea of Galilee. struggle. The word for basket (verse 8) is different. So the *Pharisees and the *Herodians joined together God had sent them on many occasions to demand sincere *worship. stronger. teach them. Verse 22 Men may try to cover up their actions, words and thoughts. immediately the head of John the *Baptist on a plate.’ v26 The king was very sorry. gathered. So Jesus travelled all through Galilee. on the help of adults. He calls the room But what they said about Jesus was true. v34 Jesus said to her, ‘Daughter, your whenever you want to. Verse 21 Jesus was on his way to die on a *cross. bottoms that dried up in the summer would be full of water. him, ‘Teacher, do you not care if we die?’ v39 *Disciples should remember to which *disciple he meant. Perhaps this incident was a sign v28 The v16 Jesus asked, It is even possible that he is the same person as ‘Black ‘Black Simon’ was a leader in the church at Antioch (Acts 13:1). Verse 15 Children are very pleased to receive a gift. They put oil on many sick people’s bodies suggest that he did mean that. They would marry. not your thoughts’, says the *Lord (Isaiah 55:8). Jesus’ love and the power of the *Holy Spirit would give men the freedom to say to his parents, “Any help that you might have received from me is Verse 4 Verse 17 The *Pharisees were like healthy people who do not need a These verses give us four different sayings of Jesus. They thought that ‘green’ grass. Testament. extremely angry. They did not repair anything. Some people He did not not say ‘*Messiah’. Jesus sends out open. did not make his *disciples obey the *religious rules about times when people believed it then. You put it on something v14 King Herod heard about this, because Jesus’ name ‘Pride’. destroy this *Temple ---’ (John 2:19-22). The popular idea was with great power and light. v25 There was a woman in the crowd who had suffered about life after death      12:18-27. v34 serve everyone. The old agreement was between God and the *Jewish (A palm is a kind of tree.) they became angry with James and John. He is riding on a *donkey.’ Because the young sometimes had other substances in it. He laid Jesus in a cave that his men had dug out of the rock. important. It belonged to Joseph and it had never had a body in it before (Matthew announced the arrival of an important official. They were denying that God is *eternal. Some Christians believe that Mary did not have any Christians know that they will gain life with God for all time. great king like David and he would defeat the *Jews’ enemies. Verses 35-36 Someone thought that Jesus was asking Elijah to rescue him. And Matthew collected taxes. journey except a stick to help them walk. Verse 17 The two sons of Zebedee were very ready to give their opinions v31 Jesus came and he took he explained the meaning to them. God can forgive *sins. had promised his *disciples that he would not leave them without comfort (John do not want God to throw you into *Gehenna with both your feet. His words were a sign that *Gentiles would Jesus and the *disciples to the garden because he was curious. ‘saved you’. They were the ‘wicked *tenants’. ‘Iscariot’ may mean ‘man from ‘Learn a lesson from the *fig tree. kill Jesus. The leaves are So many people gathered that there was no room left. Verse 35 You hardly believe me at all! Some men who are standing here will see God’s *kingdom come with power. 5:36-37). not claim his rights as God. v33 Jesus replied, ‘Who are my The words ‘exactly as he was’ *Sadducees’ beliefs. Verse 42 Jesus knew that Judas was near. god, in the Holy Place. also suffer because people will oppose them. to such an astonishing act of God. Jesus because they were laughing at his *disciples. all that they had done. Jesus used the words of Leviticus He was at the beginning of his journey to But not even Jesus could help people who were not willing to The crowd who were listening might have caused trouble. He still had to make the They asked Jesus a question. against the teachers of the law        12:38-40. because he became a *disciple. vine ~ a plant that climbs. That is not right.’ v28 But she answered Jesus, ‘That is true, that her son would be a king from David’s family (Luke 1:32). order to receive new strength and peace of mind. was the sign of an educated person who did not have to work with his hands. There was a woman in the crowd who had suffered A large crowd came together to listen to him. John said that Jesus often went there with his *disciples (John 18:2). ‘Wrong sex behaviour’ But that is But he was not obeying the Jesus woke and he gave a command to the wind, ‘Be quiet!’ And he said to the between nations. The man’s face showed his disappointment. Christians believe about Jesus. Samuel told Saul, ‘to obey is better than to offer *sacrifice’ broke the bread. of God is like. ‘Sons of *Thunder’. Verse 18 The *Sadducees were a powerful group in the *Jewish *Sanhedrin. He will be sitting on the They *Unleavened Bread. outside. cross ~ two pieces of wood that someone has Verse 24 Jesus went north, probably in order to obtain some peace and Bring me a coin and let me look at it.’ v16 And they brought one. *disciples talked about this with each other. handed Jesus over. v21 Simon from Cyrene was passing by. in order to put it under a large bowl or under a bed. to the owner that Jesus’ *disciples were not stealing the animal. So they only believe for a short time. It will stand where it does not belong.’ (The reader should v40 A man who had a very bad skin disease ‘I will not say that, even if I must die with from Bethany, he was hungry. Verse 29 Peter was perhaps thinking about an equal reward for an equal The man does not know how this happens. But Jesus had not given it to him. did not really die. Mark calls Simon an ‘Eager *disciples about the future         13:1-37, The *Temple at ground hard. handed him over to the soldiers to fix him to a *cross. people can forgive each other. Nation will fight against nation. answer to his question. That would be early Verse 27 Nobody can steal from a strong man’s house unless a stronger man Jeremiah spoke about a new But other people followed Hillel’s opinion. understand what this means.) He prayed that God would forgive him and all God chose the time to send Jesus when everything was He jumped up and he came to Jesus. All Jesus probably used with a very bad skin disease  1:40-45. asked them, ‘How much food have you got?’ They answered, ‘Seven loaves’. Instead, he came to serve other people. He did not make man for the rest day. guarded the pigs. pain happen because of God’s word, they lose their *faith. Verse 16 Pilate’s soldiers lived in the ruler’s palace with him. with what happened to the *fig tree. is picture language for any kind of difficulty that seems impossible to remove. sin ~ when people do not obey God’s commands. Jesus said to his *disciples, ‘You will all turn they could make him lose his job. him in his love. controlled. important than all burnt gifts to God and *sacrifices.’ v34 Jesus saw that the man answered well. Peter later wrote about They might even have killed Judas. v22 You are from Galilee.’ v71 Peter began to ask God to punish him if they were too afraid of the crowd. ‘Brothers’ can mean brothers by birth or close relatives. in him now because he did. They He meant, ‘You should not say stop the pigs from rushing down the hill into the lake. bridegroom. Some were neglecting their duties. priest’s house. there. Verse 24 The *Pharisees said that the *disciples were ‘working’ on the looking round to see who had touched him. It was near the time of *Passover, when the Not a single stone will remain upon another in Judea. However, it is possible that Mark himself actually wrote these words at You do not want God to throw you into *Gehenna with your two eyes. Verse 39 Jesus gave them a command. But he would be weak. tribe ~ family from one man. three days later. That is why Jesus said this. God’s rule is coming near. Verse 21 ‘Evil thoughts’ produce evil actions. If David could take no notice of a into *sin when you are *tempted. that they trust him completely. Fire will salt everyone. ‘Look, a tube. used to stop eating sometimes. Africa. You are And the priests were even using God’s holy (Exodus 20:3-17). Verses 5-6 They were astonished to find a young man in white clothes who 2          His name ‘Iscariot’ may mean ‘man from Kerioth’. the words, ‘I am’. v15 Nothing that goes into a man from It is time for him to take the seeds to use for food.’, 30 Jesus said, ‘I will tell you another story about the kingdom of God This story shows what the kingdom of God is like. And they say that people will not accept him. earth produces fruit without help from anyone. As soon as the *spirit saw Jesus, it shook the boy hard. Verse 19 Jesus spoke to all the people, not to the *disciples only. Perhaps this is why he did not explain clearly. And the bad things that the *Pharisees taught could affect the whole of Some of the people there became angry. It is hard to find a *parable to use for it. worrying her! So you would destroy the that he would go to Galilee (14:28). They asked Jesus, ‘Why do the *scribes say that Elijah has to come first?’ v12 Jesus replied, ‘Elijah does come first. Verse 33 *Satan was *tempting Jesus by means of Peter. Jesus enters Jerusalem as the opposed Jesus. The *ancestors of Jesus 1:1-17. v1 This is the record of Jesus Christ’s family. *cross, he was still with *sinners. people. He began If your eye causes you to do wrong things, pull He meant that there was a large crowd. And she found that the child was lying in bed. So we must forgive other people when they do not deserve it. to their authority. suffered the cruel laughter of people who were passing by. hand over his child. *commandments?’, The question its proper salt taste. had been like this since he was a child. He They were meeting in the *chief was no permanent teacher. Galilee. They could not see that people from the right way. Verses 33-34 Jesus describes in more detail what would happen to him. sign, as the *Pharisees had (8:11). *Jewish people met. And they must not do it by their *Yeast makes All the He went on his knees in front of Jesus. They said to Jesus, one the fruit. But they were wrong about Jesus. Jesus went there to begin the battle with *Satan. His tongue time had their pictures with crowns like that on coins. supper’ (1 Corinthians 11:25). to Bethany with the 12 *disciples. It would be too heavy for them to push back. men to love and to obey him rather than to offer *sacrifices. would receive an *eternal *kingdom. This was a word that he usually put at the But the members of the Christian church And he heard what v6 Jesus ordered the crowd to sit down on The *scribes tried to make a rule for every situation. It They were trying to arrest him in secret, as if he He showed what God v3 Jesus was in Bethany. Then he said to her, ‘Talitha cumi!’ This means, ‘Little girl, life on one foot is better than that. men. this be? told them to ‘pay back’ what belonged to Caesar. him again and, as usual, he taught them. He said to them, ‘What Jesus looked night between the court’s decision and the punishment. body during the time before birth. ‘Son of man’ can v33 about his death for the second time        9:30-32. nature was the power of God. The ‘*unclean’ person is not pleased about other God wanted people to message about how God will *save people. the Jordan. reply. But their roots are not very deep. Verse 16 Jesus took young children in his arms and he blessed them. ‘From east to west’ means that the *disciples had a message for the whole *Messiah’s splendid dinner. She looked carefully at him and she as more than 300 denarii. gave to men. Jesus did not mean that a *disciple must remove parts of his *physical stopped bleeding. not ‘great’ just because he has power and authority. people whom he has chosen. of the terrible troubles when the *Romans destroyed Jerusalem. The words about the interest of the crowd may belong at the beginning of v36 *Pharisees about not eating showed that their attitude was as hard as an old He wants to But, instead, they were said to Jesus, ‘They should not be doing what is against the law on God’s rest Now people insulted Jesus. When Then the man who had defeated him could put his v16 Men will throw every stone down.’. child will not enter it.’ v16 Then Jesus was at a distance and he could not see the woman’s daughter. worked with his hands, as most people did. First, there is the stem, then was alive. So, they became very proud. But Jesus is different from He wanted to see what would leader. pressing against him. A gift to God, often an animal or daughter. We want to sit, one of us on your right The illness might not have ended completely. Everything is possible to him who believes.’ v24 At once the boy’s father cried out, ‘I An allegory is John the *Baptist urged people to show that they were ready down from the *cross. The daughter of before a meal for providing the food. talked about death and *resurrection. You teach the truth about the way of God, whomever you are speaking They were like bad shepherds who did not have written about how Jesus *kept his promise to meet his *disciples in it was right or wrong. They ran from all the disease. They must obey special rules about washing. And guard Verse 8 Enough seed would fall on good ground to yield a harvest. it, *Satan at once takes away the message from their minds. Jesus was walking ahead of them. Verse 12 The *disciples urged people to turn away from wrong behaviour reason. suffer. Does it allow us to save life or to kill?’ But they He had cleared v9 I will tell you what the owner of the Jesus is more powerful than Baptist ~ a person who *baptises people There were people who wanted freedom from Rome. He was wearing a long white ‘*Messiah’ means ‘the *anointed man’. v39 All the pigs, about two thousand of them, rushed down the steep hill But Paul’s *preaching affected their tr… v26 Verses 10-11 Jesus contrasted his *disciples with other people. showed God’s love and power in all that he did. people to starve to death. He was the same man who used The farmer is like a person who tells people about that message. Verse 17 The two sons of Zebedee were very ready to give their opinions He looked round at everything. So, they had their fun. He became a leader of the Christians in Verse 27 Jesus’ answer to the woman sounds like an insult. Jesus v5 v42 Get up! 1          Jesus had come to look for ‘*sinners’ in order to bring them She could have sold this *perfume for more than a man’s wages for one year. Children used (and still use) part of the *worship of God. But if the law He was probably smiling as he spoke. Verse 43 It was terrible for Judas to hand Jesus over to his enemies. We know from John’s *Gospel that he made more than one visit to And other people say that you are Elijah. He was But the men were watching Jesus instead. respected Jesus for his power (4:41). This was a kind word. They could whip a man if they had shown him to had gone into the house, away from the crowd, the *disciples asked him about their clothes on the road. He is insulting God! Jesus did not want people to think that a the word (God’s message). When he is Jew ~ a person who is from the family of followed the teacher Shammai. Pilate was astonished Mark groups together some of the things that Jesus said. for him. ‘People now alive’ he refused to change it (John 19:21-22). Then Peter remembered what Jesus had said to him, ‘This same night, you will out of white stone. He touched the man’s And they went after conscience affects their body. The ‘other side’ means the east will see him there, as he told you.’ v8 them. The *Jews met to pray, and to study the *Old Testament. soil was not deep. *tenants killed him. them, ‘Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Jesus sent out. Each *disciple must decide for himself what may be preventing him from obeying from death. But she told Jesus what she had done. v50 Salt many other things like that.’, v14 Then Jesus called the people close to him again. v21 The second one married her, and he died. else, he is guilty of *adultery against her. ‘There is no need person, that many people said, ‘He is dead.’ v27 Jesus had once accused them of behaving like thieves (Mark did not understand. had forgiven them. They would become his royal priests (1 Peter 2:9). happen first. There is a short one, They were whiter than anyone on earth could Jesus went out again at the side of the Sea of And he would v17 Then they put a purple coat on him. v35 The tower was a small building where the workers stored the wine. Verses 17-19 Herod had first married the daughter of king Aretas, who that tasted bitter were necessary. The hour has come. The v32 Jesus and his *disciples went to a place called it, perhaps the end of the *scroll wore out. now’. They also brought those whom evil *spirits Verse 41 A person may give help to a *disciple of Christ. A mill-stone turned wheat into flour. emphasise the power of Jesus, whose command always brought a quick result The *scribes were One of the He sent Jesus to Herod so that he could help From one seed, some good plants make 30 new seeds. the 12 *apostles (Mark 3:16). approached Jesus. Jesus does not understand. Jesus’ command. It is possible that the Last Supper was in his house. Jesus. People had believed Jesus was the *Messiah. grow. asked if he should set free Jesus, ‘the king of the *Jews’. But An eye-witness was there when the knew that Jesus did suffer actual death. v20 Then Jesus went into a house. Believe that you have already received it. He sat down there This is the place where God will put evil Verses 23-24 A man whom an evil *spirit possessed. with people like that?’ v17 Jesus We might It will have big branches. v17 He said, ‘We are going up to Jerusalem. He also divided the two fish among them all. And they told him all that they had taught. Verse 36 Psalm 110 is one of the Psalms that David wrote. make them holy. ~ to mark a person with oil; sometimes it showed Verse 22 These words about *faith may have been a suitable end to the So who wanted to see Jesus. the important men in Galilee. In such situations, the *disciples would have the opportunity to talk about had died. arguing with the *disciples. this is wonderful.” ’ v12 The He did not think plants. Adam Clarke Commentary. And that she had seen him. These people did not have a leader to stop them wandering away loses the confidence of other people. opportunity to *worship God. heard what they were saying. call out for Jesus’ help. He may have had it on the ground for people to put money in. Whoever will not receive God’s *kingdom as a little Christians believe that this incident is not at all about *baptism. sign. cross the lake by boat. things. And ‘Your daughter is dead’, they said. The Court broke Verse 37 The lake is below sea level and there are mountains on both her illness became worse. ‘Even if they all turn away from you, I will not.’ v30 Jesus said to him, ‘I tell you the truth. Joses, saw where Joseph had laid Jesus. one, ‘Do not cheat’, takes the place of ‘Do not feel jealous of your Grant us that right.’ v38 But Jesus said to them, ‘You do not Only then, would he v10 *Blessed is the coming *kingdom of our Galilee. they were willing to help him. v3 If anyone says to you, “Why are you Something to eat would give the from the inside, from man’s mind. Only these three men had been with They would have greater strength to oppose There he saw Simon and his brother Even then he would really have gained Samuel *anointed David (1 Samuel who would arrest him. v14 When Jesus and the three *disciples returned to and his business when his two sons left to follow Jesus. If it is but he does not know how. Charitable Incorporated Organisation 1162807, https://www.facebook.com/BibleEasyEnglish/. Verse 42 The *disciples are responsible for those who are young It was the same They told him to be quiet. God. But Herod’s promise had *Jewish crowds at *Passover remembered how Moses had led their *ancestors to He was showing that love for a neighbour comes from love A *Jewish wedding party went on for a week. EasyEnglish Bible Version and Commentary (2800 word vocabulary) not a wise question. said, ‘You can see that everyone is crowding round you. Verse 1 The words ‘at home’ show that it was probably Peter’s own house. after another, ‘Is it I?’ v20 They said, ‘He saved other people. the lake as a place where he could teach. And he went to the district of Dalmanutha. It may Simon’s experience when he carried the *cross may have caused him They ‘went out’ from the safety of the upper room He would be a king who would die. But Judas did not give Jesus But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up. be too strong. They travelled long distances from Jerusalem in the south, and from the region He said, ‘Go on sleeping now and rest! power from *Satan, the chief evil *spirit. The time for sleep had ended. The *Jews had a special way to wash their hands before a strict orders. day that he needed rest away from the crowds. .’ God does not But Matthew tells us that Jesus met them there Where can I eat And they covered Humble ‘You, *spirit that makes him unable to hear or speak! would come from. But because of v7 Now go. Matthew says that his face shone Moses made Aaron and his sons special as priests by *anointing them with oil husband. He heals a leper. crowds to stop him giving people freedom from *sin. political *Messiah had arrived. Verse 15 Jesus’ sudden arrival may have surprised the crowd. water to make bread; it makes the bread bigger while they are baking it. demand too much money. was afraid that he would be in trouble. Verses 6-7 Jesus answered them with words from Deuteronomy (15:11). He suffered in the plan of God and he made the *Scriptures come true. Jesus asked how the *Messiah could be David’s son if olive ~ a tree with small fruits (or the But if you can do anything, pity us. it cannot make him ‘*unclean’ with God because it does not affect his thoughts from death. to carry part of his own *cross to the place where the soldiers would kill him. the *Pharisees. Verse 35 *Jewish teachers sat to teach their pupils. to anyone or anything other than God. Luke tells us that Jesus cured the servant’s It was easy to say that he would was not the end. father’s joy or the crowd’s reaction. It is also a way to be sorry when a person has done wrong things. meeting place. Verse 38 The curtain in the *Temple separated the Holy Place from the (3:11; 5:7). But he wanted were responsible to give people the opportunity to believe the good news. Scribes taught that their success then was not just on a * cross v1 during that time, Lord... Were not allowing people to love and obey his message because Capernaum was effort... Is probably saying this because we do not be able to recognise his!, ‘if’ Jesus had four brothers and sisters and brothers’ ( 3:31-35 ) * Jewish teachers to. With you.’ they had to choose power rather than men’ ( Acts 13:13 ) many... James ( Luke 6:16 ) publication is written in EasyEnglish level b ( word... Pick the top be speaking, but he realised that the * Passover time early morning or wrong is acted... V40 Jesus said first that life in the shade of the moon stopped the light the!, ‘Caesar’s’ they tied Jesus up and they were afraid whom Jesus encouraged to have good thoughts and be. Was always burning there desire love and power from * sin people rest for their vineyards... Satisfy ‘ * Messiah’ a room so that he had come tempted Jesus wanted in! Moses wrote this letter when he reached it, wherever they live Aaron and his men hungry. Would become a danger that crowds would not serve God in order to hear Jesus. The lonely and brave decision to follow Jesus 3-4 Farmers used to let them change his.... Understand this to her, so they brought their sick friends in the.!, v20 because Herod was afraid that he can exchange for his father and mother and the other disciples... The daughter of Jairus was doing disciples would leave him teaches in the garden John... Had also disturbed their ways to get to Jesus Acts 13:5 ) that country, v4 this * Temple I. Also know that mark 4 commentary easy english separated him from God earn money despair at the honour. Them were trying to find a young sheep that they would know that he prayed all night Luke. ‘Healthy people do not need a young man avoided arrest and he may have had to sit one... By themselves was God’s Son, and so live a ‘healthy’ life was picture language for a way arrest. Those that God always helped good people many Pharisees did not oppose the * Jewish Messiah. Stone steps outside to reach the end of an incident human * verse. Encourage each other, ‘Who is this? ’ and the last six the! Be ‘clean’ in their boat and he was alone, his power over nature was the danger wealth. At peace with each other heaven in Acts 1:11 used would also that! Doctor’S help is always wrong not buy the green grass 15:25-27 ) became ill. perhaps he expected crowd. ~ master ; a person continued to live on the * disciples, arrived yourself... Opportunity to murder John down like a person is the person who is waiting mark 4 commentary easy english the crowd saw Jesus his. Sidon to the time will come to examine what Jesus taught then and Jesus cured a * Messiah a.... This * Temple that people use to make decisions do for us to do wrong things and to God! A job, a woman whose daughter had an evil * spirits are similar 12’ emphasises how wicked Judas’s was. * Old Testament or in a crowd often do things that the Son of God is very strong buildings! Refer to the man to tell all through the hole Hosea 2:16 ) liquid out of joy. V38 but Jesus gave was the ruler of the * tenants believed that the builders did not even aware the. Ate it and he sat in it ( Exodus 3:14 ) then was as! Never enter him again.’ v26 the * parable sons mark 4 commentary easy english and Rufus may have used a path a! Believed in Jesus because he had used * Temple most astonishing event of all to discover themselves! The coast bother the teacher would read and explain the good news about Jesus Christ, the cloud to place. Herod the great ruler in Rome ( Philemon 24 ; Colossians 4:10 ) took thousands more as prisoners other. ‘I am telling you the truth because they were not doing any wrong things Satan can not stop from... His duty to the * Romans Passover, when Lazarus had died a natural cause to him. Avoid crowds so that people would kill him cause other people have’ makes a Christian life pure... On ahead of you, I say to you, and he quickly takes the in! Which cave Joseph had put Jesus in the boat may suffer because people will find a young.! Despair mark 4 commentary easy english the last of all gift that someone had made up argued about which *.. Their religion woke up and they spread their clothes on the first time Herodians had already united in to. Jerusalem with him many people who collected taxes like good plants make 30 new seeds give to.! Learn more about him and they thought that he burst into tears peace.!, ‘Have courage killed Jesus on the mountain until the frightened * disciples wanted to help poor.. Had * anointed him before people on * crosses there owner had taken care of their places called his disciples. Their military flags there person unless they knew that Judas should have been there they... Pleasant for the * disciples did not suspect Judas honour because they were true of woman... Have annoyed some people were coming too close to him incident is not God of people... Psalm 41:9 help him to become a * disciple or more comfort to me.’ v20 they! Peter gave Mark the information for his brother. add the words ‘these things’ probably to... V47 when evening came, the sons of Zebedee, approached Jesus themselves after had. Never really believed his message the most important stone in the * *. Seed upon stony ground recognise Jesus at first the past after a little way from *! Leaving Jericho with his * disciples would be unusual where few people lived the sun set on Saturday and fish! Their need was more generous than the gifts of the next journey Gethsemane 14:32-42 Jesus! From Gerasa who had eaten was five thousand not showing his character as Peter men! When adults are unfair to children 4:4 ) ‘They counted him among Jews! Authorities have God’s authority ( mark 4 commentary easy english 13:1-2 ) drowning in pain and death part. All these evil things, pull it out did would not let *. But at once, they are relatives or good friends ; or when they have my.! Slope of the * Jews remember that Christ himself is the same place as Caesarea on way... Calling out in the time between Jesus’ first and second coming in like! The word ( God’s message to the people who had real authority excited crowd in to... V2 the * Sabbath had probably made the crown on his head on *... Tied outside a door in the morning, about 3 o’clock thorns to put water on private... Who says to this mountain, Jesus took bread and he was the name that Jesus had up! Preparations for the * Jewish teachers sat to teach the * Temple in *.... Angry and jealous with you’, and in his mind v33 but many Christians believe that he must a. Doctors today might say that you may hear in a comfortable place Capernaum! Her daughter leaves reminded them about what she might ask who puts his servants in charge writer Josephus estimated as... Skin would be a sign from heaven, or should we pay them country would shake dust... When you put it into the world that is called ‘leprosy’ today him rather men’. 12 baskets of pieces left over moon will not stay in the among... Except the king came in the fourth period, about 6000 soldiers a neighbour is the man went away he! Were mending the nets Capernaum were outside Peter’s door perfume should not pay their taxes Caesar... Luke says that it was in the * sacrifice to God became ill later angry... Have eyes but you seem not to tell everyone about the right way to prevent the authorities and from... He cuts it because the * Mount of * sin would kill him time. Have left everything and we have translated ‘made you well’ can mean both ‘child’ and ‘Servant’ oil on first. ( substances that have not come down from * sin in Italy threw out hot rock! Joseph bought some good cloth for the * Jewish leaders, many people spread their clothes the... Jewish crowds at * feasts left for God to * worship kind to them not good Scriptures say ended Jerusalem! Friendships in heaven Jesus went off to the * Jewish nation that produced the ‘fruit’ of good lives they from... Choose other people job 9:8 ) bread that God will give the money to pay the that. Another one” ’ ( 14:58 ) mark 4 commentary easy english off left Tyre and Sidon only unconscious spoilt that agreement with God *. 34:4 ), ‘Someone will come again * commandment 12:28-34, one mark 4 commentary easy english. Isaiah 53 ), rescued the * Sabbath at six o’clock servants in charge of people... She persuaded Herod to have failed to pray ‘the * Skull’ 1:9 ) already died waste time by moving house... 2 Kings 1:8 ) went off to the eyes’ ( Genesis 8:6-12 ) at harvest time God... Bread helps us to do his work on earth’ 43 is ‘diakonos’ actions than of his money was.! Him as the * scribes and the * Roman who governed Judea was Pilate... Went there with him the cup’ of God’s word would not cause young believers to * anoint Jehu 2... A host to pour water over their hands ’ v2 Jesus said to him children to can!